Meet Our Founder & President

Natalia Vargas

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” Sometimes you just have to create what you want to be apart of, even if you have no knowledge of it. I believe the best knowledge gained is through experience and the memories made along the way.”

Natalia Vargas

Our Story

How RVA Jeep Wave Was Started

2017 Original Logo

2018 Second Logo

2019 Our Current Logo


In March of 2017 I purchased my first Jeep. I was so excited to finally have my jeep and be a part of the Jeep community. One slight issue, I couldn’t find a Jeep community in Richmond, VA…

Like any millennial, I took to google and typed in “Jeep clubs in Richmond Virginia” and found nothing. This gave me an idea to start a Richmond based Jeep community. Now remind you, I knew nothing about Jeeps. All I did know was I wanted it to reflect all I saw Jeep representing; unity, diversity, charity, love, friends, family, pets, and adventure. Once I knew what I wanted it to stand for, I needed to figure out a name. It needed to have a local feel. I kept seeing the RVA logo everywhere, so I was certain it had to have the RVA logo in the name.

Being such a new jeeper I didn’t understand why so many other jeeps were waving at me. Lol everyyyywhere I went another jeeper was waving at me , being such a social person I waved back. So again I took to google and typed in “Why are other jeepers waving at me?” I found “Jeep Wave”. Voila!! RVA Jeep Wave! That’s the name.

Richmond is known for its hole in the wall locations in which I loveeee so I needed to scout a location that I could have a car meet “Jeep meet “

Every Thursday I saw a car meet at Mission BBQ on the corner of Glen Side and West Broad St. I had never personally eaten there, however it was a prime location, so I went inside and grabbed a bite to eat. When I arrived, I saw how much they were involved in our community supporting our first responders. The GM at the time was amazing. I talked to him and set up my first jeep meet.

How do I get the word out?

Old school way. Flyers! I printed 200 flyers with the traditional Jeep Wave logo, time, place, and location on neon paper and had my taxi drivers hand them out all over town. The very first jeep meet up was on June 4th 2017, and to a great surprise 35 Jeeps showed up.

 Another event was arranged and with the influence of social media the word had gotten out to many other jeepers in Virginia. By our third event over 150 jeeps had shown up and we’ve been rolling since.

My goal is to become the hub for all jeepers regardless of the club they represented. I simply want jeepers to have a place where they can come and feel a part of something much bigger no matter what kind of Jeep they own.

Our first flyer

Our first meet up, 35 jeeps attended